3-D Smartphone Hologram & Smartphone Android L.O.S.T. GPS Tracking System as small as 50 cents coin size.

Surprise your whole family 
with the latest 3-D Hologram Technology 
in your Smartphone now.

See the floating 3-D Objects and Fireworks arise from your Smartphone.

Coming soon to Pusat Kajian Fizik Sains, Malaysia on December 2016.


This 3-D Hologram Technology is contributed by National Science of Japan with full support to Pusat Kajian Sains, Malaysia.


Smartphone Android L.O.S.T.  Tracking GPS Mapping System 

Lost it Now. Find it Now.
Benefits to our good society :
Ladies' Snatched handbags, Lost Keys, Lost Car Parking Lot Number, Lost Children, Lost Spouse, Lost Pets, Lost Car, Lost Motorbike, Lost Wallet, Lost Laptop, Lost TAB & Lost your Smartphone.... many more of your personal items.... now can be easily detected & found in a few seconds by your Online GPS L.O.S.T. Tracking System inside your Smartphone. 

Just on it. 
Fix the Problem Fast.

Available now at Pusat Kajian Fizik Sains.

Selling very..very fast.  

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