Today's Interesting Key Phrase

A wise Trainer makes learning process as a joy journey to learn. 
 Japanese Proverb

A wise man turns Chance of Games into good fortune. 
Korean Proverb

Hope of a Miracle but don't depend on your dumb feeling luck.
German Proverb 

Think logical way to win the game but not over-react on your feeling. 
Chinese Proverb

Start to take initiative to change to improve, and luck will follow you.  
( Your Mindset & Attitude )
 Japanese Proverb

Confidence come from Well-prepared and Well-practice, Every day.  
( Practices Make Perfect)
 Chinese Proverb 

Aim high in your achievement but always stay Humble in your heart.  
Japanese Proverb 

The Best Way to make yourself happy is to share something new, unselfishly and sing a song TOGETHER with somebody.  (  Law of Equation =  )
German Proverb 

Generous-man is always happier than Selfish-man because the Physics Law of Mechanism for " Mutual Give and Take " exists in every spot on this planet.  ( The Law of Momentum )
German Proverb

Patience is W.W.W. - Wait Without Worry
Internet Proverb

In Physics, Timing is just like your Life cycle.  ( ETA & ETD ).
English Proverb

You will feel GREAT when you have decided to do what you LOVE to do with full of CONFIDENT & FREEDOM. Positive Results, Money and Luck will come along.  ( Power of Self-Motivation )
German Proverb

The SECRET of getting winning is started to take action to participate & improve yourself TODAY. 
( The First Step of The Long Journey ).
 American Proverb

If you do it right up to 91% of the time you spent, you will end up to become a CHAMPION.  - ( Research & Development)
Japanese Proverb 

Physics Science Mechanism is always 2-Ways Street of Good Karma.  
( Law of Physics is Action = Reaction )
 Buddha Proverb

4D is a adult's Game of Chance played by YOU and 4D Magnum outlet . )
 ( School of Probabilty at Pusat Kajian Fizik Sains )
 Proverb for 4D Punters

Open-minded mindset & Good Attitude can bring you a GREAT success.
American Proverb

I  Wrote The 4D Formula for The World to WIN.  
( New Discovery of Science Invention has been found by The INVENTOR ) 
The INVENTOR's Proverb

To understand HOW you can win every weeks, you must act now to participate to learn from the INVENTOR & Respect The Education.
Japanese Proverb

Knowlegde is POWER.
- Albert Einstein - German Famous Physics Scientist

Take your initiative First Step to learn how to apply Physics Science and Mathematics in 4D Number System before your place your bet today.